Core Vooluu Team

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Troy St. Pierre
Leadership & Co-Founder
I want to live in a world filled with innovation, sustainable(Eco-Love), moral, humane businesses. Books that come bundled with extra dark chocolate and a force field around my keyboard that repels small dogs and sticky-fingered kids. As a Jack of All trades”, I am a master of some. With more than 40 years of experience […]
Jennifer St. Pierre
President & Co-Founder
I am living the Life! I am a mother of five beautiful kids and I love spending my time with each of them. They keep me young and very active. I have many great teachers in my life and my wonderful husband and my kids are to thank. I’ve always been one who asks ‘so […]

Industry Experts

Vooluu Leaf
Chantal Dalabona – Personal Growth Specialist, Lifestyle Coach and Speaker
Industry Expert & Spokesperson Southeast
I am a multi-passionate entrepreneur with a heart to serve and support women who want to make a change in their current lifestyle habits so that they can embrace the beauty of who they truly are on the inside and the out.  I have 15 years of fitness industry experience and along the way have […]
Tamara Newell, Pilates Instructor and Holistic Nutritional Consultant
Brand Ambassador - Northeast
As a Pilates Instructor and Holistic Nutritional Consultant, my mission is to inspire and empower women to manifest their most beautiful selves from the inside out through their movement, meals and mindset. I have created several fitness & Pilates videos and will be appearing in Pilates Style Magazine for the second time in 2016.  I am […]
Rachel Meisler – Holistic Living Artist
Industry Expert & Spokesperson West
A zest for beauty moves me to create a unique path through life. Artist, outdoorswoman, writer, teacher, and health coach, I share my passions through self-expression. Living well is an art, and I’ve dedicated myself to creating a harmonious experience. I treasure the daily opportunity to practice living passionately and supporting others on our journey. […]
Jessica Bitterly – Holistic Health Coach and Nutritionist
Industry Expert & Ambassador - Southwest
As a holistic health coach and performance nutritionist, I am constantly looking for the best products on the market to take all of my clients to the next level. I absolutely love the honesty and high quality of all of the products Vooluu offers. Vooluu has the products that I can confidently recommend to all of […]
Ava Diamond – LCSW, Mental Fitness Coach and Speaker
Industry Expert & Spokesperson Northeast
There were two driving forces that pulled me in to joining the Vooluu team:  integrity and authenticity.  From the quality and purpose of their products to the marketing and management of their business, Vooluu embodies these two elements that are essential to fulfilling their mission of creating a global condition of health, love, and peace through one fulfilled […]
Kristin Wuhrman
All Things Marketing
Working for Vooluu is my dream job. – It gives me the opportunity to combine my passion for the outdoors, humanity, life, health and the planet with my expertise in leading, educating and coaching people. I manage Vooluu’s Brand Ambassador Program, Affiliate Program and Business Development. As a nurturer by nature, I’ve forever had a passion […]

Brand Ambassadors

Vooluu Leaf
Kristin Wuhrman – Vegan Health Coach, Runner & Mountaineer
Brand Ambassador - West
As a nurturer by nature, I’ve forever had a passion for all living things and helping them find the best of happiness & health within themselves. I’m a proponent of living authentically, developing mindfulness, following your dreams, and creating lasting healthy habits. I have over a decade of experience in Animal Health and Holistic Health. I’m […]
Mary Mesenburg– Nutritionist and Writer
Brand Ambassador - West
Mary has a degree in Nutrition Science and is passionate about all things wellness – from the food we ingest to fuel us to how we tend the gardens of our souls. She believes that we all possess an enormous internal power than can change the world for the better. Her life’s ambition is to be […]
Keith Gmirkin – Life Fundamentals
Brand Ambassador - West
I have an extensive background in outside sales and by the age of 39 I was 50 lbs overweight and being medicated for high blood pressure. My wife Cheryl told me to go do something fun and get my health back. I started working in the fitness industry and also decided to begin working with […]
Pamela Dizon – Personal Trainer/Realtor/Educator
Brand Ambassador - West
After hearing about my circuitous path, many people often stop and wonder Why? If you’re deeply spiritual like I am, then you know that the more you learn about yourself, the more you aspire to become. Reinventing my “I Am” every ten years has become a natural part of my life-what makes me, me. That’s why I’ve made […]
Laura Picton-Hildreth- Amateur Bodybuilding Competitor, Runner, Heath Enthusiast
Spokesperson Ambassador - West
As an amateur Bodybuilder, I learned that we can empower ourselves with a healthy lifestyle and good nutritional choices. While there are many competitors out there, believe it or not, there are few that choose health over winning in competition.  I believe you can do both.  As I used ot live a very unhealthy lifestyle and […]
Joseph Bridges, Healthy Living Strategist and Enthusiast
Brand Ambassador - West
I am a kind, light hearted person that loves to communicate and listen to what other people have to say. I’m focused on personal and interpersonal relationships and enjoy making new friends that can support one another through life’s stressful situations.  Everyone has value; and sometimes finding a loyal person that understands and appreciates uniqueness […]
Ariana Picton, College Student – Fitness Blogger
Brand Ambassador - West
I attend the University of Nevada in Las Vegas as a second year political science major. I also run a fitness blog on the popular Tumblr platform and have nearly 8,000 young adults following me to see what I post. I run this blog in order to inform people in my age group of the […]
Chandoline Joy Mitchell – Massage Therapist and Yoga Instructor
Brand Ambassador - West
As a Massage Therapist and Yoga Instructor one of my missions is to help to inspire people to live healthier fuller lives and learn how to make healthy lifestyle choices. I am excited to stand behind a company which not only provides clean nutrient dense foods but does so in an ethically and socially responsible […]
Elsa Longpre – Wild Land Fire Fighter and Fitness Enthusiast
Brand Ambassador - Canada Northeast
Being healthy has always been part of my family. After achieving a degree in forestry from College Boreal in 2011, I became a Wild Land Forest Fire Fighter. I realized throughout my first fire season, that being more physically fit would help me perform better in many aspects of the job. Fitness was part of […]
Maya Diamond, College Student – Human Performance
Brand Ambassador - South
As a 21-year-old human performance major at the University of Tampa, I prioritize my health and wellness on a daily basis. I plan to get my Masters in sports nutrition and pursue my dream to become a nutritionist for professional sports teams. I have loved participating in the famous human performance lab on my campus […]