Vooluu History

Vooluu Leaf

Originally founded as a personal passion project for entrepreneurial team Troy and Jennifer St. Pierre, Vooluu’s initial focus was on sharing their favorite health and supplement products with others. They had a passion for nutrition, and sampled hundreds of products in order to discover a few that they loved, which they then promoted to their community.

During Halloween 2012, they noticed how much candy their kids were eating, and they wondered if there was a better way to treat their children while also ensuring they weren’t consuming empty calories. The result? Their first product, a 100% organic dark chocolate bar that they infused with chia seeds, buckwheat groats, hemp seeds, blueberries and cranberries to produce a delicious snack that was rich in antioxidants.

After the success of their chocolate bars and building partnerships with folks that were ethically growing and sourcing their 100% organic, non-GMO ingredients, they realized that the products they wanted to use themselves — that their customers were requesting — just didn’t exist yet. They knew it was again time to reinvent Vooluu as a producer of high quality nutritional products.

Now, Vooluu counts among its custom product set a series of medicinal-grade herbal tonics and a delectable nutritional shake, which provides you with a complete source of daily protein, greens and many essential nutrients. But if their history of evolution is any indication, their nutritional revolution has just begun.


Our Mission

Vooluu Leaf

Vooluu’s prime directive is to help our community live, laugh and love with healthy abandon. We do that through our commitment to the following values.

Please join us as we revooluutionize what it means to eat well, and be well.