Vooluu Leaf

Nature tested. Planet approved.

Looking for a protein shake that tastes like your favorite donut? Keep searching because you won’t find it here. We realize we can’t please everyone. The protein shake crowd looking for cookie dough-caramel-fudge brownie flavor and artificial ingredients probably won’t be happy with our crisp green apple shake because it looks green, and tastes green.

Our Complete Green Protein Shake was created to provide the highest quality of organic, bio-available, plant-based ingredients on the planet. We are committed to being fair trade, cruelty free and eco-friendly as well as free of artificial ingredients. We refuse to compromise quality for crowd pleasing. Sorry, not sorry.

So, if you know what “healthy” really means and you know optimum nutrition is not found on the “value” menu, then we’re for you.


USDA Organic Non GMO Fair Trade Humane Eco Ethical