The Importance of practicing Self Care

practice self careValentine’s day is about celebrating love, and while most people use this day to celebrate their partners and families, you should also take a minute to love yourself today. It’s so easy in today’s world of constant connectedness that your calendar is full and you have more work to get done than ever before. And, when we tend to be overwhelmed, the things we like to do for ourselves are usually the first things that we shove off.

Self care reduces can reduce negative effects of stress

Not all stress is bad for you, it is more a matter of how you think and deal with stress. But, taking time to process, recollect, and balance yourself can be just what you need to figure out a plan and manage your body, so that you can continue to function at a better rate.
By taking time to reflect on what is going on and acknowledging your feelings, it can help you process and get to the root of the problem. Taking time for yourself can also help you cool down, and come back to your life and your work with more focus, determination, and a more level head to get things done.

Exercise is a great form of self care

When we get busy it can be easy to push your workout time, yoga time, or meditation time off to the side to give yourself some time to handle other things. But, your body needs exercise to help your body function better and manage the side effects of stress.

Schedule time for self care

The only way to truly ensure that you have time for self care is to schedule it and stick to that schedule as best as possible. Book that workout class, or make plans to go with someone to the gym. Schedule an hour for a bath and try some relaxing additives.  Give yourself a buffer around your day to day events in case things run long. If they don’t, you have some time to go for a walk or get from A to B while enjoying the scenery.

Learning to put time aside for you can seem selfish and like your schedule cannot afford it. But by taking simple steps to re-focus your energy, and balance your thoughts is essential to ensuring that you are preforming well. So, don’t feel bad, think about how this is going to make you more productive in the long run. And how it will prevent you from breaking down or burning out.

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