Perfect Taste or Nutritional Density? How About Both?


Finding the right super food powder can sometimes feel like speed dating! Some seem perfect but something doesn’t work and there’s no match! Finding the total package is not always easy. We all lead busy lives and our days are jampacked with kids, jobs a social life and hobbies. Eating right and getting the key nutrients our bodies need to run optimally everyday can be a huge challenge, and you don’t have to be an athlete to know what we mean! Adding a quick and easy daily boost of nutrients through superfood protein powders can deliver a lot of bang for the buck.

While there may be a lot of protein and superfood powders on the market, most don’t live up to their hype, they either under deliver in vital nutrients or taste terrible, making them hard to consume daily, and therefore quickly causing us to stash them in the back of the cabinet. Fortunately, Vooluu is introducing a new product to the World of nutrition that actually tastes amazing and delivers everything you need (and more). Read on for the full scoop!

Key Nutrients


Most superfood powders have one or two awesome ingredients, but stay in the standard greens and proteins spectrum. Vooluu is not only packed with high quality, plant-based protein, (whole grain brown rice, pea protein, quinoa, amaranth, chlorella, spirulina) but also contains a full blend of both organic medicinal mushrooms and sea vegetables. Add a huge boost of immune boosting mycelium and live probiotics that aid in digestion and you have the total package, a nutritional match made in heaven! Also, for those with food sensitivities Vooluu leaves out the junk that leads to inflammation; no dairy, soy, added sugar, gluten or GMO’s!

Amazing Flavor


While it’s a no brainer that the ingredients listed above help us perform mentally and physically to our best abilities, you may be concerned about flavor. You’re probably familiar with that chalky, too sweet or overly bitter and ‘green’ taste common in many products on the market. However, Vooluu truly delivers on flavor and can be mixed with any dairy or non-dairy milk that you prefer, or added to your favorite smoothie. Trust us, this drink will make you seriously crave your greens!

Ring in the new year with greens and protein, try Vooluu’s complete shake today!

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