What we are looking for:

Do you care about the environment, healthy living, and love to write? You may just be what we are looking for. It is important that our writers not only care about the issues that we believe in, but also have the appropriate credentials to write on a given topic.

How does Contributing Writer for work?

Every week, our editors review applications for available subtopics, looking for qualified candidates to join our training program. The editor will evaluate your work and the work of anyone else competing for the same subtopic and make a hiring decision in conjunction with other members of our editorial staff as well as the Guide whose site will house this subtopic.

Topics to write about:

  • Healthy Living
  • The Environment/Planet
  • Healthy Products

How does evaluate potential Contributing Writers?

When working with potential Contributing Writers, we look for the following:

  1. Writing Ability: A strong writer whose content is not only informative and factual, but compelling enough to make you want to read more. We have an expectation that Contributing Writers can self-edit, so we’ll be looking for writing that is free of spelling and grammar errors.
  2. Web Formatting Comprehension: Someone who grasps the idea of formatting for the Web, whether from prior experience or from our guidance. We expect writers to organize their content into clear, easy-to-understand sections with effective use of bold and bulleting.
  3. Topic Expertise: An expert in the topic with the ability to cover the basics with ease and the passion to research anything they don’t already know.
  4. A Desire to Educate (Planet, People, Products): A teacher who can communicate the basics of the topic to a neophyte audience in a way that’s not only easy for a novice to understand, but interesting, too.
  5. Passion: Someone whose passion for the topic motivates them to write in-depth about something they love. Writing for is a fun, exciting platform for like-minded people with knowledge to share, freely share. Passion for holistic health for the Planet, its People and the products we consume.
  6. Some additional tips for proper blog posts can be found here.

Payment Structure’s independent contractor writers are initially paid per article. This rate is capped to a monthly per-article maximum. However, contractors with content that grow and meet certain conditions can potentially earn higher fees in excess of the per-article maximum, based on their success in building an audience for the content they write.

  • $45 option for 250 words article
  • $80 option for 400 words articles
  • $100 option for 600 words articles
  • $120 option for 800 words articles

Publishing Requirements

In most cases, contractors may be compensated for as many as eight articles per month. A full breakdown of payment structure and activity is detailed in the Guide Agreement. does not provide benefits (such as health, vacation, and stock) to independent contractors.

If you think you qualify to write for VooLuu send us an email telling us about yourself and why you would be a good fit at