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We don’t take our revooluution lightly! We’re here to help people live, laugh and love with healthy abandon – from health-oriented families to performance-focused athletes alike! Our sustainably developed tonics, shakes and bars are both delicious and highly nutritious – a rare combination indeed. Sound exciting? We are looking for naturally passionate, unique and energetic individuals to join our journey of both invention and reinvention!

Vooluu Brand Ambassadors

Part-time, flexible position

The Vooluu Ambassador Program is for unique individuals who live and breathe a healthy lifestyle through optimum nutrition and daily activity! Are you in medical, nutritional, health or fitness field? Are you a runner, weight lifter, yogi, or backpacker? We are looking for strong, energetic and passionate individuals to represent the Vooluu brand to the max! The ideal person is creative, unique, loves life, and is dedicated to spread the word about the Vooluu brand as it comes naturally with their current lifestyle and community involvement. You will be the face of Vooluu in your own community and an inspirational educator to all that surround you.


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