Why Vooluu

At Vooluu, we have a clear mission: Love for life.

“Nothing ever gets easier. You just get stronger.”

– Unknown

We believe in the power of creativity, being yourself, and dancing when the time feels right.

Vooluu is the evooluution of natural products, fitness, and holistic health. People strive for their entire lives to become healthy, but we believe total health can only truly be achieved once mind, body, and spirit are connected. The combination of the arts, dance, music, nature, and love for humanity is the fastest way to get there.

“There are shortcuts to happiness, and dancing is one of them.”

– Vicki Baum

Have you ever wondered exactly why people spend their entire year looking forward to their summer vacation? This is usually the one time a year when people are free to be themselves—to kick back, relax, move at their own pace, and live in the moment. No wonder people look forward to it!

Too often we are pushed to max productivity, to think three steps ahead, to always be thinking about tomorrow. Enough! We at Vooluu believe it’s time to live, laugh, and love like never before. Work can wait. Life is passing you by!

Eat healthy. Get fit. Go natural. Vooluu is here to help guide you on your way!

What Eco-Love™ Means to Vooluu

Here at vooluu, we want to change what it means to be an eco-ethical and sustainable company. We call our mission, Eco-Love™.

Our passion for healthy Plant & Mycelium nutrition is as much about inspiring health as it is about supporting the health of our planet. But Eco-Love™ isn’t just about what goes into our products; Eco-Love™ must be part of everything we do.

We want to be a company that strives for net zero carbon footprint or Eco-Love™. There is no single “sustainable pill” you can take in our mission to zero carbon footprint, however every choice we make counts. Vooluu lives our commitment to constant improvement by pursuing perfection, one small change at a time.

Our ingredients, our packaging, our office, our suppliers, each of these represents an opportunity to innovate, improve, and bring us closer to our goal.

Come join us on our mission to Eco-Love™.

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